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Disabled Travel Tips

At we believe that you can ‘travel without limits.’ We have helped thousands of customers with disabilities and severe medical conditions have a holiday of a lifetime, many of whom never believed it was possible to travel or find accommodation suitable for their needs.


In order for you to start thinking about and planning your perfect break, we’ve gathered together a number of tips and practical suggestions to ensure you experience your dream holiday, rather than a holiday nightmare!



  1. Be clear about your needs.When it comes to your disability and medical condition, you are ‘the expert’. Only you know your own limits and needs, the extent you can push yourself or when to have a break. Be open and clear about what is manageable for you and what you need in terms of accessible features, facilities and equipment. Remember, peoples’ definitions of disability and accessibility vary, so the more you explain, the more you will be in control and as comfortable as possible when on holiday. 


  1. Book early Accessible accommodation is in high demand – the earlier you book the higher the chances of your desired accommodation being available. You might also be able to take advantage of early-booking offers and snag a bargain.


  1. Make sure your accessible room is guaranteed. Many holiday companies ‘request’ that you get an adapted room (in the same way you might ‘request’ a room with a sea view). It’s a gamble as to whether you’ll get it, so book with a company which guarantees your accessible room in writing – this comes as standard with all holidays booked with


  1. Talk to your doctor about where you are planning on holidaying. They may be able to prescribe measures or treatment for coping with a long flight, limited medical facilities or prescription drugs at your destination. Carry medical alert information and some identification with you in a wallet or bracelet. Take extra medication with you too in the case of any emergencies or unexpected event.


  1. Travelling by plane can be made more comfortable with a bit of preparation. Most airports offer assistance and fast-tracks through check in if a passenger has a disability – as long as they are notified in advance if you would like to use this. Also consider airport lounges – these offer a quieter place to wait in the airport away from crowds and queues without breaking the bank. For long haul distances, you might wish to consider flights which stop somewhere en route – presenting a welcome opportunity to use airport bathrooms and toilets (as most planes won’t have accessible toilets). Requesting assistance, airport lounges, car parking – and more – are all services offered by


  1. Book transport in advance – make sure that accessible vehicles, transfers or excursions are booked well in advance and check that they are appropriate to your needs. Some adapted transport in certain holiday destinations may be limited or not appropriate for your disability. If you book these with, we will ensure that any adapted transport you require while on holiday is suitable for you.


  1. Cruises can be a great way to see the world at a leisurely and comfortable pace, without the need to fly – adapted cabins and largely-accessible ships mean they can be enjoyed by people with a wide range of requirements. If you do wish to go on a cruise, find out which ports use a tender to get ashore and which don’t. A tender is a small boat used when the cruise ship is too large to get into the port. This will help you in selecting a cruise itinerary appropriate for your needs. We have a dedicated cruise team at that can help you choose a cruise that is just right for you - find out more.

  1. Keep an open mind! There is so much more choice out there than many people realise, and some potentially life-changing holidays to try. It can be tempting to stay in a comfort zone, but when you book with a company that knows what it’s doing, you can really travel without limits!